Song For A Day: I Speak Your Every Word

First off, lol to “Press F1 for help” and apologies for this dodgy video.

Yesterday my pal Shawn posted a Curve video to his tasty Shoegeezer blog, and I was reminded that singer Toni Halliday was my second girl crush (the first was Natalie Merchant, in her vintage dresses and colored tights, when I was 19).

Halliday was effortlessly cool in a way I knew I never would be and Curve’s sensuous, dark and danceable melodies put them in my top ten of early 90s Britpop.

I first heard the band via Beechwood’s Indie Top 20 mixtape, and I remember going to record shops in London in the summer of ’91 to buy up all their vinyl.

This is something I miss lately… that thrill of discovery… music that makes you feel like you’re living the movie version of your life.

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