The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pins

The art of envy: everyone I know wants this now.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on Pinterest lately perusing beautiful images of lightning and fall color, ball gowns and bedrooms.

Pinterest is a place where we’re all sisters sharing our favorite stuff. It’s a world where we’re women wearing skinny jeans with expensive boots and slouchy cashmere sweaters. We have perfect beachy waves in our hair and unique artisanal jewelry from Etsy. We’re traveling to exotic places and our crafting would put Martha Stewart to shame.

We’re witty, we’re wise, we’re heroines in a chick-lit novel. We’re connectors, we’re mavens, we’re persuaders in a Gladwellian utopia.

Like all things internet, though, it’s a snapshot and a ruse. It’s ownership of a fantasy.

Or is it? I read recently about a Dutch study that showed the planning of a vacation actually resulted in more happiness than the vacation itself.

Which life is better? The one we lead in our heads or the one we lead out there in the world where it’s often stressful, shit hurts, the challenges are daily… but there’s also music and laughter, cliché sunsets and occasional romance.

I confess I don’t always know the answer to this question.

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