Song For A Day: To Sheila

This is actually a repost from my travelogue tumblr thingie but I was kind of happy with it so I MAKE YOU READ IT TWICE. Or once if you don’t look at the travelogue tumblr thingie.

Say what you will about Billy Corgan, this song makes me cry every time I hear it, which is sort of funny as it heralded a really hilarious period of my life. But God those words and that swell and doesn’t music just make everything more heightened and blessed?

It’s sort of why I hate when people bag on bands (and the people who like them). That feeling you get when you hear something that makes your eyes go wide and your soul go yes, well Nickelback does that for someone and we might find it strange, but they’re feeling that same thing we are so how can we judge?

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