Song For A Day – Strip (Biff Parker Edition)

I hate to return to the blog after a nearly month and a half long absence with another eulogy of sorts. I seem to be losing people of varying degrees of closeness at a rather alarming rate. Sadly, the latest hits closest to home with the sudden passing of Biff Parker, one of my oldest friends.

His official obituaries in the Austin American Statesman and the Butler County Eagle can be found here and here.

It’s still unfathomable to me that he’s gone. I was around for the inception and evolution of his relationship with his partner-in-life, Leslie, and admired the happy grace with which they navigated their long-term long distance relationship.

There aren’t enough words to describe his generous spirit and his appreciation for the simple things in life. I hope I can carry some of that with me in the days and years to come.

I was in New York when I heard the news.  I remember walking with Biff from Houston and Broadway to Times Square one year in the early 90s when we were there for the New Music Seminar.  My other favorite 90s memories of him center around our near weekly outings to whatever Austin disco was having an 80s night – I think we went to three or four different clubs in our ongoing quest to ride the new wave.

So, in honor of my great friend I put together an 80s playlist to listen to as I logged countless miles in Manhattan last week.  For some funny reason, the only song I could clearly picture us dancing to was Adam Ant’s “Strip.”

I hope he can hear me playing it for him wherever he may be.

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