Song For A Day – Young Blood

I just posted a video on Google Reader with the accompanying comment that I am mean and hate earnest sincerity.

But then, that’s not really true, is it (not the mean part, that’s totally true), because lately I’ve been completely obsessed by this song from the New Zealand band The Naked and Famous that’s not only earnestly sincere but as you can see by the video, the members are basically Urban Outfitters poster children, all gorgey and groovy.

However, as I spend my summer trying to remember what it was like to be a teenage better version of myself so I can come up with some words that become pages, this song takes me back to a time where dark days seemed promising and love was fervent and fraught and all songs were written expressly for our journey down the road of everyday discovery.

I’ve spent the last couple years being the worst blogger ever, with sporadic, spasmodic posts.  This is probably going to continue, though I do tumblr quite a lot, which is totally shameful.  I am trying to write more so maybe things will improve.  I mean, does anyone even come here anymore, anyway?!

Trying to find the inbetween…

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  1. Amy F. says:

    This song does the same thing for me. Reminds me of the good old days which weren’t good at the time. I’m here!

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