Song For A Day – Pump Up The Doorbell

In honor of The White Stripes’ break-up I offer you one of the only songs theirs I like mashed up with Eric B & Rakim’s “Paid In Full” by way of the most excellent Party Ben.  I know this shizz be old, but I find this track stuck in my head on a regular basis.  Of course, I also dream about Egyptians buying up all the yogurt so I may not be a credible source in life.

I thank Mr. Kevin Church for my mild obsession with mash-ups.

Today I have a little thing on the wherein my complicated relationship with Gary Lightbody is bared for the world to see.

In other news, work for SXSW is so in earnest at the moment that my small life, such that it is, is rapidly becoming a faint and slightly fond memory.  It’s full time in the weeds, you guys.

However, I shall endeavor to keep this space usable.  You can subscribe here, kthx.

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